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Fifteen58 Productions LLC is a labor of love by a hard-working business owner.


Cory Fourniquet

Gear Head

Hi, I'm Cory. I am a lifelong Gear Head and baseball fanatic.

My passion for numbers lead me into a 12-year career as a statistical analyst for a major corporation before I took the leap to start Fifteen58 Productions LLC.

With my degree from the University of Texas at Tyler, my history in data analytics, and my passion for cars, my main project at Fifteen58 is running the news outlet, podcast, and vehicle review channel called GT: Garage Talk

GT: Garage Talk started out as podcast and an outlet to discuss all things automotive with a longtime friend and has turned into an opportunity to meet amazing people in the automotive industry. I now get to chat with people who are fully immersed in the automotive world and some who are shaping its future. We even won the top two spots in the 2021 Texas Auto Writer's Association's Excellence in Craft Completion for podcasting.

GT: Garage Talk has now branched out into full-fledged vehicle reviews on our growing YouTube channel and through our social media outlets.

Now serving as the Secretary to the Texas Auto Writers Association's Board for the 2022-2024 term, I look to take what I have learned from running Fifteen58 and GT: Garage Talk to a much larger scale.

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